I'm Rachael. I'm an actor equally at home in children's theatre and social justice theatre...and a lot in between. 

While touring the country with Hampstead Stage Company, my first real experience with TYA, I juggled multiple characters, countless costume changes, and intricate mask work. I love the impact this work has on young audiences. They were engaged, they volunteered to participate; many of them experiencing live theatre for the first time.  Even better, they were asking questions, and I could see the difference we were making. 

I focused my time at Adelphi University on learning about how theatre has the power to create great change.  Bertolt Brecht believed that for theatre to make an impact and bring justice, the audience should not just leave entertained, or even just emotionally affected, they should leave the theatre with the urge to take action. Darn right, it should. 

Live theatre is an incredibly powerful tool that I continue to explore. I'm passionate about many social issues, but I focus on those involving the LGBT community, trans awareness and rights, gender roles, and sexual health and boundaries. As a queer actor myself, I am always looking for more artists in the LGBT community to team up with, talk, create, and maybe change the world a little bit. 

Since August 2017, I have been working with Speak About It both full and part-time, touring to universities and high schools across the country performing a show about consent, boundaries, healthy relationships, and sexual assault prevention. Working with them has been a dream come true, it is incredibly empowering and fulfilling to know that with them I am getting my fill of performance, and also changing lives for the better. 



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